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Our History

CA-FEN members first came together in 2017 to help the California Department of Education develop the Family Engagement Local Indicator. This tool helps school districts measure their implementation of effective family engagement practices. While that formal state committee disbanded in 2019, we continue collaborating on initiatives that empower families and elevate their voices in education.  In 2023, CA-FEN formalized our network and relationships to coordinate statewide efforts to make schools more welcoming places for families, especially BIPOC families.

Our Network


CA-FEN brings together diverse nonprofits, government agencies, foundations, and education leaders across California who share a commitment to family engagement. This includes:

● Parent organizations
● Educator associations

● CBOs serving specific cultural/linguistic groups
● County offices of education
● Statewide education nonprofits and networks

Together, we leverage our collective experience, resources, and connections to transform California's education system in partnership with empowered families and communities.

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Lead Organizations

We are proud to highlight our lead organizations that have formalized their CA-FEN participation and taken on leadership roles in the coalition. These dedicated partners set the pace through their committed efforts and innovative ideas to propel our shared mission. We deeply appreciate their partnership and collaboration as lead stewards in ensuring family engagement talk becomes action. 

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Our Partners

We are grateful for the visionary funding we receive from foundations and family engagement champions who share our deep commitment to elevating families as partners in improving outcomes for children and youth.  Support from prominent national and regional foundations focused on education, youth development, and family well-being has been essential in growing our capacity to advance the field of family engagement.  The trust and teamwork demonstrated by this diverse array of funders continue to allow us to lead the adoption of evidence-based family engagement principles statewide.

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