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Get Involved with CA-FEN

CA-FEN welcomes new members, partners, and allies passionate about family engagement in education.  Here are some ways to get involved and further our mission:

  • Follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter to stay informed on family engagement issues and policy developments relevant to CA-FEN's priorities.

  • Share CA-FEN resources and communications materials with your networks to help spread awareness about the importance of family-school partnerships and how to best partner with families.

  • Advocate for family engagement strategies with your local, regional, or state-level policymakers by sharing research, parent perspectives, and stories from the field.

  • Collaborate with us on developing new resources, tools, and training for educators or families by donating your expertise.

  • Help us expand our outreach to underserved communities by sharing connections to grassroots parent groups, community organizations, early childhood providers, and others.

  • Make financial contributions to support CA-FEN's capacity building, advocacy, communications, and policy work.

  • Volunteer to help with projects like compiling research, planning events, developing materials, and other needs.

If you are interested in getting more involved with CA-FEN, please contact us at to learn about current opportunities to contribute your skills, resources, and passion for this important work!

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