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Aligning, Coordinating, and Promoting Family Engagement Capacity Building

A key part of our work is aligning systems and stakeholders (i.e. educators, administrators, system leaders, families and youth, community-based organizations, and other partners) to advance family engagement in a coordinated way.  We facilitate collaborations across education systems to bridge silos.  By taking a cross-sector approach, we identify common challenges and opportunities for making engagement more consistent and impactful at the delivery level.  We also coordinate and pool resources for more robust training, technical assistance, coaching, and information sharing.  Our capacity-building approach focuses not just on supplying evidence-based ideas and tools, but on fostering organizational cultures, infrastructure, and leadership buy-in so that family engagement can flourish systemically.  We promote peer learning networks for continuous improvement as well.  Our goal is an aligned, coordinated movement to scale quality family engagement practices, eliminate duplication, maximize investments, and build the backbone support necessary for long-term success.

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